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38 Rue de Reims
51500 Rilly-la-Montagne
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History of the Château

Few miles away from Reims, the Château de Rilly welcomes you in the heart of the champagne region. As a former wine house of the end of the 18th century, the Château de Rilly is an exceptional place where art of living and a warm welcome are the key-words...

At the beginning, the castle was named “La maison de LOSSY”. It was one of the most ancient houses from the Champagne wine-producing nobility. The domain was built around 1795 by the grandfather of M. Le BARON De LOSSY, well-known to be the founder of the great brand of Champagne “DE LOSSY ”. The castle have cellars which used to contain more than three million of bottles. This champagne was famous all over the world as a wine of unimpaired quality.   

The house has kept over the years the family atmosphere of a private mansion. It was renamed “Villa Quenardel” and purchased by the GERMAIN family. These winegrowers, well-known in the region as “Champagne Henri Germain” lived in the castle for many years. Mister GERMAIN was by the way the president of the “Stade de Reims” for more than 3 decades (1938-1941/1966 and 1970-1977) and he largely contributed to the fact that it became one of the biggest European football club in 1950’s. 

In 2008, an Italian couple, Mr and Mrs SERENA, in love with the region, succumbed to the charm of the building and decided to buy it to greet family and friends. These new residents are also the owners of a big wine-producing house located in Conegliano, an Italian city in the province of Treviso in Veneto region and known as “Serena Wines” and they quickly noticed the tourist asset and the lack of accommodation on the outskirts of Reims. It took 5 years to transform the private mansion in a Hotel-Restaurant, as they created the second floor, and decorated the whole building respecting and keeping the identity of this family house in classic and elegant style.

On June 1st 2012, the hotel was opened for the first time to public.