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38 Rue de Reims
51500 Rilly-la-Montagne
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The Chef

Let's find out more about our Chef Mickaël Poyault...

Few words about our Chef, by our General Manager Patricia Dottore:

« Our young and daring Chef is as creative as he is atiny bit out of the ordinary. For years, he earned his stripes working in Michelin-stared Parisian restaurants, such as "Madarin Oriental" and "Chez Garance".


With a lot of passion and curiosity, he meticulously respects the products and their seasons. His key-word is to highlight them with imagination and a lot of "savoir faire".



In his way, our Chef decided to change his menu every three weeks, which orders a sustained rythm of execution and reflexion, both for him and his team.


A lot of subtle pairings, as surprising than harmonious, in complete line with his personality and culinary believes. »


Photo credit : Studio Dieppedalle